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Eugene Kosgoron

Multidisciplinary Artist

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Various collections of unique wood and metal furniture pieces which showcase intriguing geometric blends and take the users on thought-provoking journeys. 

Eugene Kosgoron

Featured Projects

Tower Closeup.jpeg

A blend of emerging design technologies and talented human craft enable the creation of resilient yet gracious sculptures.


Acrylic paint guided into geometric submission by circular or linear tapes on canvases which span a range of different sizes.


The installation portfolio features a series of intricate geometric constructions mastering a range of materials such as wood, metal, acrylic, crystal, or nylon.


From small intimate events to larger scale festivals, no audience is too small to share in the joy of the blend between art and architecture with the signature Kosgoron geometric twist.


Collaborations with Architecture Firms for projects around the world, with a focus on solving construction and budgetary challenges when it comes to complex geometry.

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